If you're building a product and you'd like to work with us to create some educational content please get in touch below.

AI Innovation Consulting Service

Starts at $4999p/m

Starts at $4999p/m

Staying ahead of the innovation curve is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Our Consulting Service is designed to bridge the gap between your current operations and the cutting-edge potential of artificial intelligence.

  • Custom AI Strategy Development.

  • Technology Roadmapping.

  • AI Solution Customization and Implementation.

  • Workforce Empowerment.

  • Ongoing Support and Optimization.

Education Partner

Starts at $2499p/m

Starts at $2499p/m

If you want to work with us on an ongoing basis we'll create new educational content for your AI software product. Perfect if you're consistenly releasing new feaures and want fast and up to date tutorial content.

  • One request at a time

  • 48 hour delivery

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio

  • 4k Export Resolution

  • Branded with your logo

  • Easy credit-card payments

  • Pause or cancel anytime

  • Two ideation sessions per month

Custom Product Tutorial

Starts at $300p/m

Starts at $300p/m

If you'd like us to create educational product tutorials to showcase what's possible with your application, get in touch. We've created over 300 tutorials over the last 3 years which has resulted in tens of thousands of users to be onboarded into our customers products.

  • 30s to 2m Tutorial

  • Sample Draft

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio

  • Studio 4k Resolution Export

  • Transcription Included

  • Your Logo Attached