Terraform Industries

Terraform Industries is an innovative carbon removal company founded in 2022 by Eric Crews, Max Scholten, and Blain Barton. The company is developing modular, scalable direct air capture (DAC) technology to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and permanently store it underground.

Mission and Vision

Terraform Industries' mission is to develop and deploy cost-effective, industrial-scale carbon removal solutions to help reverse climate change. They envision a future where their modular DAC plants are deployed worldwide, collectively capturing gigatons of CO2 per year and permanently storing it in geologic formations.

Innovative Approach

Terraform Industries is taking a novel approach to DAC technology:

  • Developing modular, shippable DAC plants that can be rapidly manufactured and deployed anywhere in the world

  • Leveraging a unique sorbent material that selectively captures CO2 from the air with high efficiency

  • Designing plants to run on renewable energy, minimizing their carbon footprint

  • Partnering with companies to permanently store the captured CO2 in underground reservoirs or utilize it in products

Scaling Carbon Removal

By designing modular, standardized DAC plants, Terraform Industries aims to dramatically scale up carbon removal capacity:

  • Modular design allows for mass production, reducing costs and enabling rapid deployment

  • Plants can be located near ideal storage sites or CO2 utilization hubs, minimizing transportation costs

  • Standardized units can be combined to create larger DAC facilities, capturing millions of tons of CO2 per year

  • Partnerships with carbon storage and utilization companies provide a pathway for permanent CO2 removal

Potential Impact

If successful, Terraform Industries' technology could have a significant impact on the fight against climate change:

  • Gigaton-scale carbon removal could help offset emissions from hard-to-decarbonize sectors like agriculture and aviation

  • Modular DAC plants could be deployed in remote locations, enabling a global network of carbon removal infrastructure

  • Permanent CO2 storage would create a reliable carbon sink, buying time for the transition to a net-zero economy

  • Utilizing captured CO2 in products like building materials and fuels could create a market for removed carbon

Challenges and Opportunities

As Terraform Industries scales up its technology, it will face challenges and opportunities:

  • Demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and reliability of its modular DAC plants

  • Securing financing for large-scale deployment and navigating evolving carbon markets

  • Developing a robust supply chain for plant manufacturing and sorbent production

  • Engaging with communities and policymakers to build support for carbon removal projects

  • Collaborating with scientists to monitor and verify the permanence of stored CO2

  • Exploring new applications and markets for captured CO2 to drive demand

To wrap, Terraform Industries is pioneering a modular, scalable approach to direct air capture that could help accelerate the deployment of carbon removal solutions worldwide. By developing cost-effective, industrial-scale DAC plants, the company aims to make a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change. As the carbon removal industry grows, Terraform Industries is poised to play a key role in building a global network of CO2 capture and storage infrastructure.

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